Charles Movalli was a prolific writer on painting. Movalli was a Contributing Editor to American Artist Magazine, for which he wrote over 50 articles.  He also edited “How to Paint Successful Seascapes” and “Color in Outdoor Painting” with Roger Curtis, “Gruppe on Painting” and “Brushwork” with Emile Gruppe, and “Painting with Light” with Betty Schlemm.  He also wrote the historical Preface to W. M. Hunt’s “On Painting and Drawing.”

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Gruppe on Painting

From the dust jacket: "Vibrant, fresh, immediate! The direct oil painting technique is an intense reaction to nature, a race with time to capture the color, the light and shadow, the design and the spirit of a subject in a few short hours. And now, Emile Gruppe - master of the direct oil painting technique - shows how you can use the broad strokes and lively colors of this spontaneous approach to infuse your own paintings with vitality, vigor, and on-the-spot freshness."

This classic from 1976 edited by Charles Movalli is now out of print, but the good news is that the Movalli estate has secured the publishing rights and we are exploring options for a new edition. For now, used versions are found on Amazon and various other used booksellers.




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